Meet Our Team

    Hyundai’s highly trained team of sales professionals, Hyundai-Certified Technicians and other support staff are focused on providing the best possible experience as you select, purchase and drive your vehicle.


    Mike Dobush

    Photo of Mike Dobush General Manager Contact

    Michael Park

    Photo of Michael Park General Sales Manager Contact

    Goran Mihajlov

    Photo of Goran Mihajlov Used Sales Manager Contact

    Ian Dubois

    Photo of Ian Dubois Sales Manager Contact

    Bill Grant

    Photo of Bill Grant Fixed Operations Manager Contact

    Max Warniski

    Photo of Max Warniski Parts Manager Contact

    Sales Department

    Alka Saini

    Photo of Alka Saini Product Advisor Contact

    Gord Workum

    Photo of Gord Workum Product Advisor Contact

    Graham Cox

    Photo of Graham Cox Product Advisor Contact

    Jain Saab

    Photo of Jain Saab Product Advisor Contact

    Jared McCarthy

    Photo of Jared McCarthy Product Advisor Contact

    Jed Marundan

    Photo of Jed Marundan Product Advisor Contact

    Kevin Ebron

    Photo of Kevin Ebron Product Advisor Contact

    Noah Dandeneau

    Photo of Noah Dandeneau Product Advisor Contact

    Zach Algera

    Photo of Zach Algera Product Advisor Contact

    Financial Services

    Dinh Truong

    Photo of Dinh Truong Financial Services Manager Contact

    Leeto Francisco

    Photo of Leeto Francisco Financial Services Manager Contact

    Lisa Sobering

    Photo of Lisa Sobering Financial Services Manager Contact

    Administration and Support

    Mary Jane Lowery

    Photo of Mary Jane Lowery Sales Administrator Contact

    Lot Attendants and Detailers

    Andrij Tkaczyk

    Photo of Andrij Tkaczyk Service Detailer

    Karl Zumel

    Photo of Karl Zumel Service Detailer

    Keenan Champagne

    Photo of Keenan Champagne Service Detailer

    Ken Abalos

    Photo of Ken Abalos Sales Lot Attendant

    Raiden Cochrane

    Photo of Raiden Cochrane Service Detailer

    Steven Cruz

    Photo of Steven Cruz Service Detailer

    Service Department

    Amanda Boehm

    Photo of Amanda Boehm Service Consultant Contact

    Brad Bakker

    Photo of Brad Bakker Service Consultant Contact

    Jason Caron

    Photo of Jason Caron Service Consultant Contact

    Jeffrey Mendoza

    Photo of Jeffrey Mendoza Service Consultant Contact

    Aaron Bowker

    Photo of Aaron Bowker Technician, Licensed Red Seal

    Alfie Andres

    Photo of Alfie Andres Technician, Apprentice Level 4

    Brandon Gnutel

    Photo of Brandon Gnutel Technician, Licensed Red Seal

    Chollo Dacuycuy

    Photo of Chollo Dacuycuy Technician, Apprentice Level 1

    David Doyle

    Photo of David Doyle Technician, Licensed Red Seal

    Henry Poquiz

    Photo of Henry Poquiz Service Concierge

    Johnison Noeum

    Photo of Johnison Noeum Technician, Licensed Red Seal

    Kaitlyn Miller

    Photo of Kaitlyn Miller Internal Service Advisor

    Nathan Beardy

    Photo of Nathan Beardy Technician, Apprentice Level 1

    Nelson Cordeiro

    Photo of Nelson Cordeiro Technician, Licensed Red Seal

    Rigoberto Alemania

    Photo of Rigoberto Alemania Technician, Licensed Red Seal

    Rob Ellison

    Photo of Rob Ellison Technician, Licensed Red Seal

    Russel Curatcha

    Photo of Russel Curatcha Technician, Licensed Red Seal

    Parts Department

    Aaron Acuna

    Photo of Aaron Acuna Parts Consultant Contact

    Josver Viegas

    Photo of Josver Viegas Parts Consultant Contact

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