The 2024 Hyundai Kona Electric

    Meet the all-new KONA Electric.

    Your favourite EV SUV for the city gets an electrifying new look, as well as an abundance of innovative technology advancements. 
    We made the KONA EV embody the very best that electrified vehicles have to offer. We made it more WAH.

    Signature KONA style with an EV-centric twist.

    The all-new KONA EV takes its design to the next level, with cool, future-forward styling that also serves a practical purpose.

    An interior dedicated to intuitiveness

    The KONA Electric is not only extremely comfortable, but also incredibly feature-rich, making life cozy and practical.

    Technology that drives enjoyment.

    The new KONA Electric offers a range of available technologies to help you navigate around the city with ease.

    Available head-up display

    A great driving experience can be enhanced further with the available HUD on your windshield.

    Standard 12.3" infotainment system with navigation system

    A huge interactive touch-screen makes all the difference for an intuitive experience, especially with GPS.

    Standard 12.3" digital cluster

    The cockpit gets a futuristic update with a digital cluster that shows all your necessary info and comes with dynamic animations.

    Available Remote Smart Parking Assist

    If someone parked too close to you, there’s now a way for you to move your car while you’re standing outside your vehicle, your KONA EV. 

    Enjoy electric driving at its best.

    64.8 kWh high-voltage battery with 150 kW electric motor
    All new. All electric. The KONA EV showcases the latest and greatest of electrified vehicle motor innovation.
    Standard level 3 400 V charging
    The most important thing in an EV besides range is always charge time. Thankfully, the KONA EV charges quickly, clocking in at 80% charge over just 45 minutes!
    Standard heated EV charge port door
    Everything is winterized, even the charging port’s door, which helps ensure that it won’t freeze over during the chillier seasons.
    Heat Pump System
    The KONA Electric also comes conditioned for Canada’s coldest weather. Your battery won’t decline at low temperatures because the battery pre-warms while plugged in and charging. The Heat Pump also absorbs external heat and converts it to the cabin, which helps take strain off of the KONA’s HVAC.
    Estimated all-electric range of 420 km
    Go further than ever with a single charge. A full battery gives you a driving range of 420 kilometres.
    Standard i-Pedal driving
    Regenerative braking gets an extra boost with steering wheel-mounted paddle shifters that let you use the electric motor to slow the car down, whilst charging your battery.
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    At the core of the KONA Electric is the SUPERSTRUCTURE™, a state-of-the-art platform built with our very own Advanced High-Strength Steel to deliver exceptional stiffness and strength. In the event of a collision, the SUPERSTRUCTURE™ helps protect occupants inside the vehicle by absorbing harmful energy and redirecting it away from the passenger compartment.

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